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Energy Assistance

ENERGY ASSISTANCE-Seasonal energy assistance is provided to low income families by assisting with utility bills, blankets, or home heating repairs.  We offer counseling on energy conservation and negotiations with clients and utility companies.

Low-Income Heating and Energy Assistance Program assists eligible households with the cost of home energy.  exam. electric, natural gas, propane, wood, fuel oil.

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Emergency Food and Shelter Program assists eligible clients with past due utility bills, food, first month rent and past due mortgages.

Wintercare is available in October thru June to help assist with electric bills.  Colombia Gas clients in Mason County can also receive assistance in this program.  Funds are limited due to availibility.


Contact info

Kerri Moran          --    CSBG Supervisor                       606-845-0081
Cindy Whisman    --    Fleming County Coordinator       606-845-0081
Judy Craycraft      --    Lewis County Coordinator           606-796-3893
Deana O'Bannon  --    Mason County Coordinator         606-564-8389
Sandy Hunley       --    Bracken County Coordinator       606-735-2948
Linda Edwards      --    Robertson County Coordinator    606-724-5513